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Sermon 36 – It’s JESUS or the WORLD; You CAN’T have BOTH

Most Christians are happy to follow Christ as long as they can still enjoy the world’s goodies and lifestyles. Christians believe they are fine to enjoy the fun, movies, music, dress and houses just like the world does as long as they are good citizens. The modern thinking is …
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 … and having done all, stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt with truth … Ephesians 6:13,14

Q. What’s it mean ‘to stand’?

Most people stand against a hurtful spirit in defiance. Defiance is the opposite to standing.  Defiance = you’re never going to put me down again / you’re not going to tell me / I’ll prove to you I’m good / I’ll prove to you I’m right and you’re wrong. Defiance is standing up for your rights or trying to prove to God you are of value, whereas, standing is standing up for God’s rights. Standing = Read the rest of this entry »

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