Sermon 8 – The Religion of HUMANISM

28 Aug

The two questions everybody eventually must ask themselves are Q. Where did I come from? And Q. Where do I go when I die?

Did we evolve from a single cell amoeba, from the atmosphere, or from animals?

Q. What’s the main religion in Australia? A. Humanism = the worship of man; the worship of me as god

The clever plot of Satan to counteract the worship of Jesus by offering to people the worship of themselves without calling it a religion, so they ignorantly end up worshipping Satan.

Man has a spirit; it’s the part of us that distinguishes us from animals. The spirit has been placed in us so we can communicate with God. Ultimately, therefore, everyone has a religion, even an atheist, because our spirit is designed to worship something. Because Satan tricked man into sin, Satan owns the rights to our spirit. If you refuse to believe there is a God then you are owned by Satan, whether you understand it or not, and you will have to come up with an alternative religion based on your own limited intelligence.

Man: Body, Soul & Spirit

If you are going to worship yourself you need a religion to base it on; thus evolution is the creation theory for the religion of humanism. You need your own creation theory to counteract God’s creation theory. Thus science has made a premise that we evolved from a big bang which somehow found its own ordered pattern, and man evolved from animals. The truth is, evolution is a premise, a supposition, it’s not a theory, but science in its insistent defiance against the concept of God, declares it a theory. A theory is a proven premise without any doubt, but there’s no way you can unequivocally prove this premise.

The ultimate purpose of a big-bang theory is to discredit the theory of a God so that you can do what you want without someone telling you, “you can’t”.

As a scientist, I find it incredulous that men just believe what science tells them; that they’re naïve enough to believe such an incredible fable but refuse to believe there’s a creator. On the other hand, I understand that people want to believe there’s no God; if there’s a God you’ll have to do it His way; you can’t just do what you want, and that’s the real issue, not evolution.

The Bible says the opposite to man’s origin of the species, namely, the world was created by God simply speaking it into being. This is just as far-fetched as the big-bang premise, so why should we consider it an option of our origin of existence? The Bible also says that man did not evolve from apes; there is a flesh of animals, a flesh of birds, and a flesh of man, and they are separate and independent, 1 Corinthians 15:39.

If you want the real truth, here it is!

First, if you look at the world you can’t ignore the option that’s there’s something bigger than ourselves. No two snowflakes are identical; think about that. No two people are the same; think about that. The earth hangs in space at 23 degrees to the sun, and rotates on its axis around the sun giving us day and night, the tides and the seasons, just close enough for warmth and just far enough so we don’t burn. I don’t believe that’s a fluke. There’s clearly an order to our world. The arrogance of man thinks he can do anything, but he’ll never measure the breadth of the universe, he’ll never measure the depth of the earth, and he’ll never be able to create life from nothing, so why would you trust his religion?

Second, man is clearly different from animals. Animals have a body and a soul (mind, will and emotions), but man also has a spirit. It’s the spirit that makes us distinct from animals, and spirits don’t evolve, they’re created plus they never die. It’s the spirit that connects us to God, for God is a spirit. Man is created in the image of God. Thus man is triune … body, soul and spirit, and God is triune … Father, Son and Holy Spirit, whereas animals have only two components and thus are not eternal nor are they communicable with God. Evolution cannot explain spirit.

God [Father, Son & Holy Spirit] - Man [Body, Soul & Spirit]

Animals can’t worship; they don’t have a spirit; but man is a spirit and the spirit inside us links us to God and thus everyone must worship something. Everyone has a god they worship; either a god in heaven, or a god on earth, or himself as god.

Animal: Body & Soul

Third, species can’t make new species. You can’t get a man from an ape nor any other animal. He’s a human species.

Fourth, humanism preaches that everyone is inherently good, but the truth is, people are inherently selfish ie they don’t like being told, they like to think they know everything. We’re inherently born with our own stubbornness, vanity, envy, greed, and lying behaviour patterns. No one can say they’ve never lied or been jealous or never coveted something that someone else had, or never defied their parents. The bible calls these inherent traits sown into our spirit, sin. If you don’t want to know about sin, you have to make up a religion that completely ignores the concept. Therefore humans have made up there own religion and rules and worship their own thinking, trusting only in themselves, Luke 18:9. Evolution is the creation premise for the religion of humanism and atheism; it licences man to worship himself as god. Thus we say ‘no one’s going to tell me what to do’ which basically means we are the god.

The problem is ‘there’s no free lunch’; every evil that we do has an equal and opposite reaction; science itself propagates this theory, that every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, ignoring the existence of sin will not stop the reactionary consequences. Humanists call this ‘karma’, but they stole the concept ‘what you sow you reap’ from the Bible.

What’s ‘good’, anyhow?

Humanism defines ‘good’ as being nice to people, not hurting people, and respecting other people’s opinions, and not being ‘bad’. It doesn’t answer the issue of inherent sin in our spirit. Anyone can be good; it’s no big deal because the limit of good can’t be defined (no one can say what’s good enough). If you’re your own god you can define ‘good’ whatever way you like, and if you pretend to allow people to have their own opinion then good incorporates the belief that “if I’m nice to you then you have to be nice to me”, which is just a lying manipulative technique so that no one can tell me my definition is wrong.

Good is a diversion; it’s not the issue. The real issue is, no one can stop their sin. The Bible is the only book that defines good ie only God is good Luke 18:19. The word itself is derived from the word ‘god’. Therefore, if you believe you’re good, then you are saying you are god. The real truth is, no one can do good except by God in your spirit, because everything we do is always contaminated by the motive for ME, unless the act is initiated by God through me.

A Christian doesn’t bother about being good; His sin has been covered by the blood of Christ; he’s saved for eternity; he’s dead to himself so that God can work His work through him.

In reality, the technique of being good is just a clever camouflage to prevent someone telling you that you have sin in your heart, and it’s a satanic trick to divert you from addressing the real issue that will free your spirit from sin. To enforce this, humanism enacted a law; the ant-discrimination act. Now you can be legally charged for saying anything derogatory against any other religion. Sounds good, but the real reason for the act is to silence Christians from being able to challenge the integrity of all false religions.

Religion = Worship of Me = Humanism

Being good is not good enough. Salvation from your bad is not achieved by being good. If you base your life on being good, you’ll suffer the fear of not being good enough, and you’ll suffer the fear of what people think of you, the fear of failure and the fear of being blamed. Roman Catholicism cleverly manipulates millions of people with the fear of not being good enough to make it to heaven and ending up in hell. Everyone tries to avoid these fears by looking good and thus binds themselves in a deeper web of selfishness. Being good doesn’t prove your motive is righteous, and therefore, it doesn’t guarantee access to heaven.

The truth is, everyone likes being liked by everyone, so they block their conscience to the truth and modify their beliefs to suit what people like, so they are liked, and thus dictate to God what is right.

St. Augustine said ‘everyone loves the truth when it reveals itself, but hate it when it reveals themselves’ ie, they want to know the truth, but they don’t want to know the truth about themselves. The irony is, Jesus came to save us from ourselves, and you need the truth about yourself to expose the need for freedom from the bondage of your fears. Jesus therefore said, “I am the way the truth and the life”. He’s either insane or telling the truth.

A True Christian = No Me = God First

A true Christian isn’t into good; he’s into God FIRST, not himself first. He’s not into being good because he’s already been saved from hell, so he doesn’t have to prove anything, and out of gratitude for Jesus’ sacrifice, puts his ultimate trust and service in the Creator of the universe, who is obviously greater than himself, and thus he ends up doing good. He sees himself as the created, not the creator, and therefore does not presume to think that he knows everything, and does not define ‘good’ by his own intelligence and experience.

Fifth, humanists’ primary objective is self-happiness; you only live once. Genuine Christians know that you live twice; thus, they don’t seek ‘happy’, they seek the ‘will of God’ and usually suffer for that will.

Sixth, humanism preaches fairness, fun, and the freedom of rights; that everyone has rights and should stand up for their rights; the right to an abortion; the right to sexual interpretation; the right of equality with men; the rights of the indigenous, the right to divorce. This is all a smoke screen of selfishness mixed with some truth. It’s really the right to do what I want by giving you the right to do what you want. It’s blatantly obvious that the real agenda is to offer the Christian truth of freedom and equality in a package that directly contradicts the morality that accompanies Christian truth. This is a direct attack against God, and it’s a direct attack against the institution of family.

The evidence that humanism is just a religious cult to justify selfishness, is demonstrated by the hypocrisy that our society educates our children to experiment with whatever sexuality they feel is ‘them’ without any regard for morality, and then promotes the right of the mother to practice sexual promiscuity and then the right to kill the baby in her womb with Medicare’s money in direct disregard for the rights of the unborn child. This proves when you’re your own god your decision-making is selfish insanity; it’s insane to destroy your own seed from propagating. Do you really think God won’t address this evil. BE WARNED !!

When it comes to the crunch, Christians willingly give up their rights for the greater good of others. Humanism is easy; all you have to do is live for yourself. It takes guts to stand up and be a real Christian. No doubt, this is the main reason why the majority of people prefer the comfortable religion of humanism.

Seventh, humanism preaches the ‘green’ message for our planet. What a clever diversion tactic. The Australian Green Party is a smoke screen for the Humanistic Party, and is the body that promotes and endorses gay marriage, but if you’re sincerely ‘green’ you should be anti-humanism.

Because humanism bases its creation theory on evolution, it blames Mother Nature for our natural disasters. Who the heck is Mother Nature? What people are ignorant of is the truth that our bodies come from the dust of the earth and return to the dust of the earth (even the aborigines know that). That’s why we have an affinity with the earth; nature refreshes the body. But it’s also why we are responsible for the earth’s decay; our sin affects our body (no one can stop themselves from death) and ultimately our sin directly destroys our earth. It’s sin that’s the problem for our earth, not nature. Plant as many trees as you like, and enforce a carbon tax if you like, but it’s not going to stop the dislocation of the earth’s plates; the sinner needs to repent of his sin.

Eighth, humanism teaches there are many paths to heaven (polytheism), so don’t worry about it, your path is as good as anyone else’s. Therefore, a humanist will respect your opinion, just so you can’t invalidate there’s. Humanists talk ‘energy’, ‘universe’, ying and yang, ‘re-incarnation’ and ‘evolution’, but if you ask them what they really mean or if you ask them to prove what they’re saying, they’re confused.

I know I’m arguing my point, but generally I don’t get involved in arguments for and against evolution, it’s a waste of time. The real issue is spirit. You can argue evolution of a body, but evolution doesn’t have an argument for spirit. Where does spirit come from? Where does good and evil come from? What is good, and what is bad? What is right and what is wrong? The Bible spells it out very clearly and puts restrictions on our morality to inhibit the blackening of our spirits and the decay of our planet, and that’s why humanists don’t like it; they don’t like restrictions even if it’s good for them.

In the real scheme of things, evolution is a diversion. The real issue is sin. Is there such a thing as sin? Evolution and all other religions don’t address this issue. Only Jesus Christ addresses this issue. God designed good and evil so man could choose. The problem is, choice means man can now do bad. Humanists define ‘bad’ as ‘not good’, which doesn’t tell you anything; but the real issue isn’t good and bad, it’s sin. Sin is anything I do, think or say that doesn’t conform to God’s laws, and that can look good or bad. You can do good and sin because the motive for the action is really for you. This freedom of choice process exposes the true selfish condition of man’s spirit; he constantly has to choose between his wants and his rights and his opinion, and the wants and needs and rights and opinion of others.

Satan doesn’t want you to know about your sin. People don’t want to know about their sin, that’s why they do good; it’s the best way to avoid being told you’re no good, that you’re a sinner; thus they forfeit the gift of salvation for a good feeling. But, whether you like it or not, sin is real. Just take a look around you.

If there is a God, then He operates by spiritual laws. Just like our earthly society have laws to govern it, so does God’s kingdom. When you discover the truth about yourself, you realise you can’t match up to God’s standard. The spiritual law states that the penalty of sin is death; in other words, blood has to be split for the crime of sin. In the Old Testament an animal died to shed blood as the penalty for your sin. In the New Testament, Jesus willingly sacrificed Himself as that animal for all of mankind to be free from their sin, but you have to own your sin and make a choice to be washed clean from your sin.

So why Jesus? Why not Muhammad or Buddha?


  • The only God who exposed Himself to humanity is Jesus, proven by history and the date system.
  • The only being born without a male seed, is Jesus.
  • The only God who addresses the issue of sin, is Jesus.
  • The only God who paid the penalty for our sin to free us from Satan’s rights over our spirit, is Jesus.
  • The only God that offers salvation from sin to free us from Satan’s control over our spirit, is Jesus Christ.
  • The only God that lives within you and communicates with your spirit, is Jesus.
  • The only God that frees you from the rituals of religion is Jesus, and
  • The only book that is a living spirit, is the Bible, and you can only appreciate that living Word by the Spirit of God, Himself. And that’s the issue, you can’t analyse God; He operates outside your limited intelligence box of thinking and rightness, because He’s God. You can only trust Him and receive Him by faith.

2. Why does everyone want to come to Australia? Why aren’t there Australian boat people rushing to India and China and Indonesia and the Philippines? Our society has prospered under the principles of the Bible. Surgical operations became successful by the simple biblical principle of washing hands between patients. Plaques ceased by the simple biblical principle of burying our faecal waste instead of letting it run down the streets. Every nation that worshipped God has prospered physically and spiritually and lived in freedom, and every nation that has become arrogant in their prosperity has decayed. Non-Christian nations only prosper when Christian nations turn their back on their Christian God. The British Empire used to rule the world. Now, since the current royal family rejected Christianity and adopted the religion of Humanistic Christianity, everything has been lost. The Westminster system of parliament was fashioned from the principles of the bible. We still open our parliament with the Lord’s Prayer, and we still say oaths on the bible, but our heart has turned against God to the worship of ourselves, and humanism rules the waves.

Thus, our earth and our own nation looks ok on the outside, but the truth is, it’s in decay. Family breakdown and mental illness is rampant. We’ve never seen so many natural disasters so close together. We’ve never seen the polar ice caps melting. We never used to pay for tertiary education, we never paid for medical services, we never had to bottle our water, we never heard of murders, we never heard of homosexuality, nor even divorce, we never heard of the word ‘tsunami’, we never had a soil salinity problem, we never suffered a ten year drought, we never needed de-salination plants, we owned all our infrastructure … hospitals, airports, Qantas, Telecom, railways, roads, Snowy mountain hydro-electric scheme. We’ve sold off all our jewels so we can pay the interest on our credit-card lifestyle, and we’ve opened the flood-gates to sexual promiscuity and suffered the side-effects of sexual insanity. Just like what’s happening to America, and Europe, Australia will come crashing down, because it disrespects and mocks the Creator.

Humanism doesn’t address the fact that the moral fibre of our nation is decaying; it’s the instigator. If you’re into green, you should be into Jesus. He died to save our earth through repentance of our sin.

3. Is the Bible a genuine book from God or is it a cleverly crafted fable? First, the Bible is historically accurate. History can prove the existence of Abraham; history can prove the existence of Moses and Paul; and history can prove the existence of Jesus. Even the date system for the entire world is based on his birth. There is no doubt to his existence.

Did Jesus do miracles? Why was He framed and unjustly murdered? Secondly, there is no doubt that Jesus was crucified, but why? Why didn’t He just zap everything right and take over the world? A. He doesn’t do things by force, He operates by your choice. The world chose to kill Him, but as in everything God does, He had a higher plan of salvation for mankind to escape the penalty of their sin.

Thirdly, I don’t see Jesus and His disciples dying cruel deaths just to support a fable.

The truth is, everyone already knows the truth; God implanted it in your conscience. If you want to know the truth, you’ll know I’m right, and if you don’t want to know the truth, you won’t agree with me; you’ll block your conscience. It’s your choice and it’s your responsibility.

The bottom line

Sin = Live for Me = I am god

Let’s wipe away all the rhetoric. The truth is man is stubborn and humanism is a convenient man-made excuse to justify why “I want to do what I want to do, and I don’t want to be told how to do it.” It doesn’t matter how nice you are or how good you are, it’s this stubbornness that is every man’s sin. Whereas a Christian stops their resistance and simply says, “ok God, not what I want, but what you want.”

Ultimately, humanism is just a smoke-screen for the religion of Satan, so if you choose the convenience of humanism, whether you understand it or not, you blindly choose bondage portrayed as freedom; the system will own you and control you and you won’t even know it. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. If you practice humanism you prove there is sin because it’s the religion of selfishness.

The church is meant to be the salt, the preservative against decay, but today’s church is Laodicean; in reality, it practices Christian humanism; it loves the world and mixes it with Jesus; it doesn’t challenge and confront anything, but chooses the comfortable path of love and acceptance just like humanism.

I for one, refuse to bow the knee to humanism, when it’s blatantly obvious that there is a Creator God, and I enjoy His Spirit living in me, and to deny Him would be a lie. Therefore, I point you to Romans 1:18-32, 3:23, 6:23, & John 3;16, and pray that you will decide today to not go with the flow, but stand against the tide, for your sake, your children’s sake, and this planet’s sake.

Beneath all of this, is an unseen reality that humanism is actually God’s permissive plan; it’s the trick of God to let Satan think he devised it, so that God can bring judgement on defiant sinners, but even more importantly, so that He can use humanism to save His remnant.

May you open your heart to be ruled by the Lord Jesus Christ whilst He is knocking to come in.

Dr. Rodney Staffman  B.App.Sc.(hons)

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