Sermon 11 – The LAWS of GOD

12 Sep

“God is a spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit” John 4:24

God is a spirit. Man is a spirit; we are made in His image. You can only relate to God through your spirit. Therefore, God decreed laws that enable man to keep his spirit in line with God’s spirit so that heart-to-heart communication is viable and tangible between His spirit and between human spirits with the same respect for His laws.

The laws of God have multiple purposes

  • They protect man’s spirit from the decay of sin and his heart in tune with God’s. Sin blocks communication and communion with God.
  • They protect the earth from decay. Man is created from the dust of the earth, so when he sins, he infects the earth.
  • They protect society from decay. Ignore the laws and morality and prosperity will decline and disappear.
  • They protect your body from decay. Ignore the laws and get aides, herpes, infections, disease.
  • They protect your family from decay. Ignore the laws and the family structure will disintegrate.
  • They protect your spiritual perception. Ignore the laws and your vision will be the imaginations of your own heart, Deuteronomy 4:6.
  • They protect you against spiritual demonic powers, Matthew 18:34.
  • They define sin = fracture of the laws of God.
  • They are the ultimate guide to life. a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path
  • The ultimate road map to salvation from my sin
  • They prove that man is born with inherent pride.

People object to God because they don’t want to be hassled or restricted in their freedom by rules and regulations; but that’s the proof that they are ‘proud’, which just confirms the laws are right. Pride doesn’t want to do what it is told; humility can see that the laws are for my safety. Thus pride is blind to the safety of the laws, and consequently blind to the truth.

“Where there is no vision the people perish, but happy is he that keeps the law.” Proverbs 29:18

The reality is, the laws of God are the antibiotic for all society’s woes.

When you think about it, the laws must be pretty important; they are the only thing ever written by the hand of God Himself

The strategy of Satan

  • Devalue the laws
  • Get the church to believe the laws are old, out-dated and no longer that relevant
  • Slowly lower the church’s resistance to sin
  • Blind people to their sin so they can’t get saved from hell. Jesus’ prime objective is to save you from your sin.
  • Get the church to question whether there really is a God, anyway

Humanistic Christianity would have us believe that the laws of God have been superseded by a Christian’s ability to discern the voice of God within his own self. You can discern the right voice if you faithfully respect the laws of God, but you can’t if you don’t; you’ll only hear your own voice, Luke 18:9,11, or a false voice, Matthew 16:23.

The bible says that if you want to hold back the forces of evil, you do it by honouring the laws of God … “They that forsake the law praise the wicked; but such as keep the law contend with them.” Proverbs 28:4

What are the laws?

Exodus 20

  • No other God but Jesus Christ
  • No idols
  • Don’t misuse the name of Christ
  • Keep the Sabbath holy
  • Honour authority
  • Don’t kill
  • No sexual relations outside marriage
  • Don’t steal
  • Don’t lie
  • Don’t envy what someone else has

Have they been superseded?

Matthew 5:17-19 clearly states they haven’t. Jesus, Himself came to fulfil the law; that doesn’t mean to cancel them, but to show us how to properly satisfy them the same way our leader did. This is confirmed by the fact that they won’t be annulled until heaven and earth are annulled, and that teaching them will earn rank in heaven. So clearly, God has never removed them from their level of absolute value and importance. But man has.

Are they being respected by the church?

  • Working, sporting and merchandising with the world on Sabbath, says NO they are being disrespected
  • Envy and coveting what the Jones’s have, says NO they are being disrespected
  • Turning a blind eye to adultery, divorce, feminism, pre-marital sex and homosexuality says NO they are being disrespected
  • Parental disrespect says NO they are being disrespected

Are there side-effects happening before our eyes?

  • The election of an atheistic prime minister
  • The parliamentary debate on the legalising of homosexuality
  • The influx of foreign religions, foreign gods, garden idols and mosques
  • The rise of Islamic terrorism
  • The loss of Christian rights to share the gospel or discredit a false religion via the anti-discrimination act
  • The rise of clairvoyants and psychics
  • The rise of mental illness
  • The rise of hospital surgery queues
  • The rise of violent crime
  • The rise of paedophilia
  • The rise of feminism in direct opposition to God via disrespect of His authority given to men, Titus 2:5
  • The legalising of divorce, defacto, abortions and prostitution
  • The strategic dismantling of the family structure
  • The rise of foreign debt and the mass sale of Australia’s assets to foreign ownership
  • The increase rate of earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, mud-slides, tornados, and environmental disasters

The solution

Turn back to the basic principles that influence our universe and bow the knee in repentance of your sin before it’s too late.

May God stir your concerns!

Pastor Ray Steynes

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