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Sermon 56 – The TRUE POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT

 Q. What’s the power of the Holy Spirit?

Most people, especially Pentecostals, believe the power of the Spirit is expressed by the exercise of the Gifts of the Spirit … miracles, tongues, healings, prophecy, faith, helps. But this is not a genuine measurement because Satan can counterfeit them all. He did it
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Sermon 46 – The RIGHTNESS Christian

Why do we do what’s right?

Fear of getting into trouble, looking good in the eyes of others, feeling good, avoiding put-down, avoiding correction and punishment, to be liked, and to gain position are the general reasons for us trying to do what’s right.

“Don’t tell me what to do” is really the real you

Our motivation for doing right is almost always selfish. The real subtle motive for doing right is the love of MYSELF and this is hidden in the crevices of our heart and, if squeezed, is expressed as Read the rest of this entry »

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Sermon 26 – FAKE LOVE

What’s the difference between fake love and true love?

The bible says that we are to love our neighbour as ourselves. In other words we are to treat our neighbour as we would like to be treated. Fake love looks like it practices this principle but

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Q. How would you describe a mature Christian?

Many would describe maturity as sensitive, caring, empathetic and listens to my needs. The truth is these are all feeling measurements. Real Godly maturity is Read the rest of this entry »

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Sermon 3 – There’s no such thing as unconditional love

A humanist in the church started a concept that’s not endorsed by the Word of God. Unconditional love sounds right but it’s not. Unconditional love means that God will love me no matter what I do. That’s a lie! God’s love is conditional. His ten commandments are conditions for His love (Exodus 20). Repentance with the right attitude is a condition for His love; Peter was forgiven, but Judas was cursed; David was forgiven, but King Saul was cursed; Jacob was forgiven, but Esau was hated, Romans 9:13. If you sin, knowingly or unknowingly, there is a consequential punishment; and if you resist correction you can lose your Read the rest of this entry »


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