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Recently I was talking with a Christian lady who asked me how she should handle a customer who was rude and intimidating. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that question and I could give her a range of answers from “love them” to “don’t tolerate that sort of abuse”, but the real issue is Read the rest of this entry »

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Sermon 38 – The SPIRIT of the WORLD – 1 Cor.2:12

As a child, if you blame the authority, with bitterness in your heart, for being unfairly treated and for your hurt feelings, you’ll initiate a spirit of resistance against authority. If you allow this hurt to fester, you’ll generate a permanent pattern of defiance with an inner heart of …
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Sermon 16 – FEAR FEEDS on PRIDE

Fear is a scary thing. Everyone suffers it. It’s an automatic human trait. It paints a picture in our mind that can drive us to sickness and even death. It can confront us when we’re bullied, intimidated, face a loss or just being questioned.

But, you can actually only feel fear when you’re Read the rest of this entry »

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