Sermon 40 – The SPIRIT of JEZEBEL is alive and well

21 Nov

Jezebel came from the tribe of the Zidonians (1Kings 16:31). The Zidonians were Canaanites and were noted for their couldn’t-care, over-confident, without-caution attitude (Judges 18:7). They prided themselves in a lifestyle of self-sufficiency, no hassles, no boundaries, no accountability, and no law enforcement. Basically, just like today’s modern society, they disrespected authority and did what they wanted, and wouldn’t be told what to do.

From this foundation, the spirit of Jezebel rose to power, when, contrary to the commandments of God in Deuteronomy 7:3, she was invited to join affinity with the Jewish king Ahab. When a Christian opens their heart to the spirit of the Zidonians, they will become a pawn of the spirit of Jezebel, and if it’s not addressed, they will lose their salvation; which is exactly what Jezebel wants.

This spirit is full of itself. It’s full of envy and bitterness. It’s full of hurt and resentment. It’s full of its own beauty and self-gratification. It’s full of its own importance and hates anything that won’t regard it with value and favour. It loves to tell people what’s right and wrong and hates the thought of being told anything negative about itself. In fact, it kills resistors who oppose it. It doesn’t like taking instructions, it only likes giving them. It automatically blames rather than take any responsibility for its sin. It doesn’t trust anyone but itself. This is all fuelled by the pain of feeling rejected … somewhere, somebody got more favour than me so I fill myself with envy and develop a strategy of getting what I want, without pain and hassles, and thus open my spirit to be under the influence of the demonic spirit of Jezebel.

Its purpose

This spirit hates God. God has got what it wants … position and power. The purpose of this spirit is to bring down God, and at the very least, out of spite, to destroy the human family structure God has created.

Its strategy

Its prime strategy is to destroy men’s God-given authority by inducing him to sin. Once you block the man’s authority you can then destroy the family, and once you destroy the family, you can destroy the fabric of a God-pattern society. Thus we see a tidal wave of free-sex, homosexuality, even confusion about what sex I am, and contrary to the Word of God (1Timothy 2:9-14), women rising in more importance and more authority. Contrary to popular belief, women were created by God to be help-mates, not bosses.

This strategy is never openly exposed; it’s always kept under wraps and covered with sweetness and niceness, and always explained as justice, rights, equality and fairness.

It uses the woman to rise up against the man’s authority by making the man to look incompetent, irrational or weak.

It uses the woman to wear the man down by intimidation and manipulation to the point where the man can’t be bothered arguing with it anymore, and so for the sake of peace, the man concedes to its wishes.

It can also do the reverse, by using the woman to act submissive, so it can manipulate the man into complacency, or blame the man for his unjust manner.

It can use the man to be authoritarian against the woman and thus justify its defence against male authority. It will use any strategy that makes the man look bad and the woman look good.

Its strategy is to blind the human being from seeing its sin by continuously reinforcing one’s rejection pain, and thus triggering the lust of envy, and blocking the person’s God-given authority.

Perhaps its greatest strategy

One of its greatest strategies is to wound the heart of a sensitive male child by intimidating him with hypocritical didactic authoritarianism. This is happening on a world-wide massive scale, even within so-called Christian religions. Just like the destruction of males at the birth of Moses and Jesus as well, Satan is working his plan of male destruction at an unprecedented pace. Once the boy is hurt and wounded, his pride will react defensively with hatred for authority, and, living in blame of others and self-elevation, he himself will now, unwittingly, be a pawn of the spirit he hates.

He will either react with aggression or with false submissiveness, even practicing ‘perfectionism’ so he can never get into trouble again, but the trap for this self-protection strategy is to end up making yourself the judge of right and wrong and telling people so. This is exactly what the spirit of Jezebel wants. If it can get you to sin it controls you, instead of you controlling it. Once you are in the position of judge you are trapped because you supersede God’s own position as judge and thus contravene the Ten Commandments and thus sin (James 4:11,12). Thus every action, though right, will never be righteous, and though it seems good, you will be the actual sinner.

When you go to your goodness as your strategy to offset the pain of being put-down to prove that you are being unjustly treated, you hide yourself from your sin of elevation over others, you hide yourself from the sin of disrespect of authority, you hide yourself from your sin of elevated judgment against others, and you hide yourself from your sin of envy of what others have.

This person will be shocked when they get corrected because they see themselves as right and good and above correction. To most humans, correction = rejection, and it hurts our pride. Therefore, everyone tries to live good and right so they never suffer the pain of ‘correction’. The problem is, ‘no correction = no salvation’ (Hebrews 12:8).

Pride and fear will now be his constant companions, and his spiritual calling will remain in jeopardy until, by God’s grace, his eyes are opened to his own wounded-pride sin, and he repents, and finally submits to the will of God through all his pain. When one gives up the fight against unjust authority and finally surrenders to God’s plan of pain, the door of love re-opens, and God, Himself wins the day, and the male regains his correct position of authority.

The camouflage of self-sin

When we’re hurting we blame people for sinning against us. This means, not only is the perpetrator in sin, but now the hurt person is in sin as well. The Holy Spirit never blames. The sin of humans blaming one another, was born in the Garden of Eden. The hurt person who turns to themselves for justice can’t see their sin they can only see the sin of the person who hurt them, but the truth is the hurt person has fallen into the trap of sin. The purpose of Satan is to get you to sin so you have no authority.

It’s hypocritical to address others’ sin when you are in sin yourself. Clearly, if you stop and think about it, you can’t operate in God’s righteous authority by holding bitterness towards authority that has hurt you. It’s impossible to trust God’s authority whilst you protect yourself with hatred towards authority; you will only trust yourself. The Word of God declares that ‘vengeance is His’, not yours, therefore trust Him, repent and leave it to His plan.

Thank God for the perfect sinless blood of Jesus Christ which washes away all our sin when we repent. No other god offers this privilege.

Human strategy vs. God’s strategy

The common human strategy of opposition to this spirit is based on resisting the evil; not letting it win; having a comeback; or putting the spirit in its place. This strategy is doomed to failure because it’s fuelled by self-defensive pride. Jesus, Himself, gave into His Father’s wishes and humbled Himself even to the point of a cruel unjust death (Philippians 2:7,8). It was this strategy that won the day for His Father, and won the day for all of mankind, if mankind will adapt the same humble strategy.

When David was unjustly rejected by his father-in-law, King Saul, he withdrew for safety, but held no grievance in his heart, and never elevated himself above his enemy (1 Samuel 26), and God honoured his heart of trust. When Jesus was rejected by His creation, his prayer was forgiveness, not vengeance; and His Father chose vengeance even till today. When Joseph was rejected by his family, God taught him humility through an unjust prison sentence. Joseph learnt his lesson of pride, softened his heart, and God raised him to a position of authority. Authority over evil comes from meekness and humility, not a fake elevated self-value that resists false spirits.

God knows exactly what’s going on, and He actually uses this evil power to refine His remnant. The irony of trusting God’s plan of pain instead of standing up and telling this spirit where to go, makes no sense to the carnal mind; but when you give into God’s plan, your spiritual-mind will see the strategy. From this position of trust, the spirit of Jezebel will lose its power over you, and you will begin to rise in humble authority. By repentance and de-elevation, and faith and trust in God, we must train ourselves to make our spirit rule over our carnal minds and not the automatic inherent reverse.

This is the only pathway for men to take and regain the territory that the Jezebel spirit has stolen, and of course, this spirit is really demonic spirits under the control of Satan.

May God refine His remnant for His holy purposes for His glory and ultimate victory.

Pastor Graeme Coyne

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