Sermon 18 – The RISE of FEMINISM started in Genesis 3

28 Nov

Don’t think of yourself more highly than you ought to think … Romans 12:3

The rise of feminism is based on the fall of man. God gave woman to man as a helpmate; that was a woman’s primary purpose, but Satan tricked the woman to elevate herself and to entice the man into the net of elevation without him even realising or stopping to check what was going on. The first Adam fell from headship through the enticements of Satan via the woman. Woman like to see their husbands elevated to higher positions because it elevates their own position, plus it also means you have someone else to blame if your elevation goes pear shape. Ultimately, the elevation of one’s husband isn’t for the betterment of their husband, it’s for the woman’s own elevated value, and to prove it, most women think they’re better than their husband.

From the beginning of humanity, this con has been re-gurgitated time and time again, and time and time again man still falls for the subtle enticements of a woman. Even the great Solomon succumbed to the enticement of a woman. Eve didn’t come to Adam and tell him the facts of what Satan had told her. She withheld the fact that the purpose of eating the fruit was to elevate you into the god category. She lied. She simply enticed Adam to sin so he would share in the blame and so she could be the boss over him, and Adam was stupid enough to take the fruit without even asking where it came from and what it all meant; he blindly trusted the woman God had given him.

Every man on the planet falls for the same con until they choose to never allow themselves to take the carrot of elevation. This de-elevated attitude of heart can only be achieved through some form of suffering which results in a personal de-valuing process and a complete surrender to the will of God.

The purpose of the con was to take humanity out of the protective control and authority of God and bring humanity under the control of Satan. The pathway of self-destruction is always via the pathway of self-elevation, and the pathway to heaven is exactly the opposite process. Satan uses the inner inherent want of elevated status in a woman to entice the man to elevate his own status in his own eyes and thus de-elevate the man spiritually.

Man elevates himself through his job, sport skills, knowledge, friends, family, money, and any other thing that makes him feel good. Once you allow yourself to be elevated you can only see what’s right in your own eyes; you enter the realm of the ‘fear of getting into trouble’, you hide from God, you lie to protect yourself, you blame, and you end up being separated from God, still thinking it’s not fair.

The second Adam

Jesus is also called the second Adam because, after the first Adam failed, Jesus came in human form to give humanity a second chance to escape hell. The second Adam never allowed Himself to be elevated. This was how He became spiritually and eternally elevated. The pathway to elevation is de-elevation, not by deliberately de-valuing yourself but by deliberately never elevating yourself in the eyes of others. The pathway to heaven isn’t by being good, being nice, or being loving, or going to church; it’s via being de-valued through suffering. Good, nice and love are fake if they’re built on personal elevation. The whole of scripture is about the rise and fall of people through elevation; from Adam to King Saul to Judas to Laodicea. Jesus came to show us the correct way, but the church has still missed it because it’s really into competitive elevation too. If you want to be part of the second Adam you have to fight elevation. If you love elevation you are not a Christian. If you think you’re better than your husband, you love elevation.

The signs of elevation

You can know whether you’re into elevation when you’re sad that someone else is elevated and not you; when you’re happy that you were elevated over someone else; when you wish it was you that was elevated; when you resist an authority’s correction of de-elevation; and when you unrighteously judge someone as below you, you expose your deceitful heart is towards self-elevation. If you hate being put down, you’ll automatically strive for elevation. The pain of ‘put down’ is God’s process of freedom through de-elevation.

The temptation of the second Adam

In Matthew 4, Satan tried to get the second Adam to elevate Himself. He already had gained power over God’s humanity; but he’s ultimate target was the throne of heaven (the ultimate elevation), and if he could get Jesus to fall for the same con as Adam, he would be a step closer to de-throning God the Father. After 40 days of fasting he enticed Jesus to prove His power by turning stones into food. There’s nothing wrong with Jesus doing that, He turned water into wine, but if the motivation behind it is to prove your power, it’s elevation, and it’s sin. Jesus withstood the temptation.

Humanity repetitively falls to dares, both spoken and silently vibed; we’re always trying to prove who we are to others. Jesus, on the other hand, withstood the temptation to prove His power and His value in the Father’s eyes by not taking the dare to throw Himself off the pinnacle of the temple. He had set His course for zero elevation.

If, as the satanic masons teach, that Satan thought himself to be the great architect of heaven, then it makes sense that his pride elevated him to believe that he himself was also the creator of heaven, so much so he believed he had the right to offer the kingdoms of the world to Jesus. Why was this a temptation for Christ? How much easier the walk would have been, looking after His own creation from an elevated position without being threatened and attacked by His enemy and without having to face the humiliation of the cross. But that would have counteracted the Father’s plan, and Jesus had set His course for the Father’s plan, not His own elevation.

Notice, unlike the scene in the Garden of Eden, there is no woman in this picture. Mothers like to elevate their kids, and wives like to elevate their husbands. Jesus had already shut His spirit to the manipulation of His mother and any women’s enticement to con Him into elevation. There’s no way Mary would not have been tempted to elevate herself when she realised her Jesus was teaching the scribes in the temple at the lowly age of twelve. Jesus spoke rudely to his mother to put the spirit of Satan in its place, just like he did to Peter. Until a man wakes up to the trap of elevation and the subtle unintentional pull of a woman to make him fall into the snare, he’ll never be free.

Whether you understand it or not, Satan gets to, and uses all humans through the door of elevation. That’s why Jesus came to earth via a bed in a stable. He came via the lowest position and he left via the lowest position. He could have been thrown to the lions or raised an army to fight Rome and died in battle, but that would have elevated Him to martyr status. Instead he chose to die in humiliated exposure as a criminal on a cross. He set the example of zero elevation for all His followers to copy.

Jesus made Himself of no reputation, and thus He was exalted … Philippians 2:7-11

The sign of a true Christian isn’t niceness or good works, it’s de-elevation

All our good works and niceness are annulled and cancelled out by personal elevation. Everything people do, every skill they gain, every talent they learn, every personality trait they perfect is all for the purpose of elevation, and never anything else unless that person has been through the pathway of the pain of de-value in the eyes of others and come through the suffering by turning to the Lord Jesus as the only elevated one. All of God’s saints had to pass through the process of de-elevation to be saved and only then elevated, including Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joseph, David, Samson, Elijah, Ruth, Mordecai, and Peter.

The thieves on the cross

One thief told Jesus that if He was the Christ, He should get him out of this predicament. The other thief gave up his position and looked to Christ. Both had committed the same sin, so it wasn’t their bad level of sin that blocked them from heaven, it was their elevation. The first thief spoke from an elevated self-concern; the second thief lowered his position, acknowledged that he deserved to be punished, and looked to Jesus as the solution to his sin. He went to heaven. It isn’t sin that blocks you from heaven, it’s self-elevation. Sin is the expression / the fruit of elevation. If you’re sinning it means you are elevated. You’ll never own your sin and repent, from a position of elevation; it’s a contradiction; you can’t see your sin when you’ve elevated yourself. Most people measure their Christianity by the level of their sin; major sins versus minor sins. We tell ourselves that major sins go to hell, minor sins are just our accepted humanity, and we arrogantly tell God how He is to make the judgment. Jesus’ message to the rich young ruler was a message of de-elevation for salvation. The rich young ruler didn’t like it; he evaluated his position from being good. He was his own authority and Jesus didn’t add up to his evaluation.

May God awaken your spirit to its inherent elevated arrogance so His grace can flow over your humility and save you for His eternity.

Pastor Graeme Whitticker

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