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Man’s inherent nature is to automatically envy someone else or blame someone else. He automatically inherited this characteristic from the first Adam who initiated this pattern in the Garden of Eden. The tricky thing is that he doesn’t know that he does it.

In everyone’s heart, the average man and woman thinks that they are pretty good, or intelligent, or skilled, or clever, or educated, or nice, or beautiful, or even spiritual. A percentage of people go the other way and think that they aren’t any of those things; that is, that they don’t have any of the qualities that they think they should have. Either way, you measure yourself by

the qualities you think you have or lack, and then you make judgements about other people if they have a better percentage of these qualities or if they lack these qualities. In other words, you compare yourself with people (2 Cor.10:12) by the qualities you think you have or wish you had, you don’t compare yourself with Christ’s qualities.

The automatic human reflex

Once you initiate this inner silent comparison you are making a judgment against someone and will automatically envy them or blame them. And all this is done without you even blinking. For example, if you think you’re a nice bloke and someone isn’t nice to you (they make you feel inferior), without you even blinking you will automatically blame them for not being nice to you. You won’t categorize it as blame because that would implicate you; rather, you’ll categorize it as “un-nice, unjustified, inconsiderate behaviour”. That’s because we’re the seed of the first Adam. Adam couldn’t see that he was blaming Eve; he could only see that Eve had made him do it.

Jesus did the opposite to what man does

The Bible declares in John 8:15 this simple but significant statement … “I, Jesus, judge no man”. Because Jesus didn’t make judgements against others, He didn’t fall to the trap of envy or blame, and thus He remained the sinless sacrifice whose blood can cover our envy and blame. However, what the church fails to teach is that no one is saved until they see their envy and blame and recognise the arrogance of their elevated self-righteousness and judgmental attitude against their neighbour, and come to the Lord in deep repentance. Like most fake Christians, no one is saved by asking Jesus into their heart.

The truth is, Jesus saves you when you repent of who you really are. Presenting to Jesus the nice package of who you think you are is disgusting to Him. Presenting to Jesus a list of bad things you’ve done is disgusting to Him. What Jesus wants is your true heart washed clean by His precious blood. You have to present to Him your sinful heart not your sinful deeds. He’s not interested in you confessing your envy or blame or adultery. You have to present to Him your arrogant self-righteous judgmental heart which is exposed through its envy and blame. If you truly want to walk with Christ, it’s your heart He wants, not your self-righteous good works, nor a list of your bad deeds.

Contrary to what the church teaches, if you truly want to walk with Christ you have to walk the way of Christ. Modern western church philosophy says that Jesus did the hard miles so you don’t have to; so you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of His labours. That’s a lie.

The truth is, in the easy lifestyle of the western world, the church lives in Disneyland (fun) and believes in Santa Claus (the person that gives you your wish) because they don’t want to know the way of the cross

The Bible says in John :19,20 … “the servant is not greater than His Lord. If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you.” The Bible says you have to fight the fight to the end. It’s a fight, not a holiday where you ask the butler to grant your every wish. Everybody says they’re willing to walk the narrow road, but the truth is, in their blindness they can’t see they’re actually walking the broad and easy road to hell yet believing they are saved because the church told them so.

The true walk of Christ

The true walk of Christ is the same walk of Christ via no judging of your neighbour, and no one can do this unless they have completely surrendered to the will of the second Adam. If you want to walk the walk of the second Adam you have to be under the influence of the second Adam which only comes when one truly repents of their arrogant pride and surrenders to God’s will and plan.

Like Jesus, there is only one pathway to learning not to judge your neighbour and that’s the pathway of copping the envy and copping the blame; Jesus calls it the way of the cross; the daily death of yourself to the will of God. Jesus died on the cross as a consequence of the Pharisees’ envy of His authority and influence over the people (Mark 15:10). He copped their envy and He didn’t blame them for their unjust cruelty because He had put his faith in His Father’s plan and love. If you want to walk the walk, this is how you have to do it. Until you learn to cop the unjustified envy and blame against you because you have committed yourself to trust the Father’s plan, you will not see your sin and you will not be saved because you will not have repented.

Everybody automatically loves to blame everyone else for their hassles and problems. A genuine Christian will walk the walk of copping the blame instead of laying the blame on someone else. He’ll be under the influence of the second Adam instead of the first Adam. Under the influence of the first Adam, everyone measures themselves by comparison against other humans and blames others for injustices. Under the influence of the second Adam, a genuine Christian never measures himself in comparison to the qualities of other humans; he’s only interested in the heart of the second Adam.

Why do so few genuinely want to walk the walk?

Because it’s not the walk they want, it conveniently doesn’t make sense to them, and what the modern church offers is far more palatable.

Under the influence

In 1 Samuel 18, King Saul opened his heart to the spirit of jealousy because he heard the people sing of David’s successes superseding his. Once you open your heart to envy, without you even knowing what you’re doing, you will open your spirit to the demonic and come under the influence of Satan. In your blindness your spiritual character will change and you will become someone else in your thinking and behaviour. That’s what happened to Saul and that’s what happens to anyone who opens their heart to envy. In comparison, like Jesus, David copped the envy and he became the head even though Saul was chasing him to kill him. This spiritual phenomenon can’t be understood if you live by the flesh; it can only be understood by those who have committed themselves to the serious walk.

In 1 Kings 18:17, King Ahab blamed Elijah for Israel’s problems. That’s the normal consequences if you put your hand up for Christ; you have to cop the blame. The truth was, Ahab was a moody old man who killed righteous Naboth just because he wanted his vineyard, listened to the voice of his painted wife Jezebel and was easily manipulated to do evil. If you want justice in this life, don’t follow Christ. The pathway to Christ’s kingdom is via the path of copping the injustice; for that’s the mechanism that every believer has to suffer before they can see their true heart’s condition and surrender to His saving grace. You can’t see yourself when everything is going your way; your true nature is only exposed to yourself under the stress of injustice, and faith isn’t necessary unless you’re facing the stress of injustice.

Because Jesus copped the blame and envy by faith in His Father, He was given headship over all spirits (Ephesians 1:21). If you want to be under the influence of the Holy Spirit, it’s only earnt by walking the walk of Christ and suffering the embarrassment of Christ (they called Him names and even said He had a demon, John 8:48), not just with your mind and will, but because of faith in your God. This was the pathway of His original disciples and it’s the only pathway for all His disciples. What the modern western church is offering is a counterfeit.

The true walk of Christ

Most Christians think that the walk of Christ is being nice, prayerfulness, sharing, empathy, reading the bible, finding your ministry, church jobs, evangelism, not getting angry, try to be good etc.. But the true walk of Christ separates the sheep from the goats. It’s activated by faith, not mental analysis, it’s learnt by being hated, envied and blamed for the name of Christ and it culminates in not making judgements against your neighbour. In other words, through the humbling of others’ blame you learn to trust your Heavenly Father and find yourself acting like Christ towards your neighbour. In this way you inadvertently honour God’s Ten Commandments and display the real love of Christ. This is how you come under the influence of the Holy Spirit, and until you walk this walk everything you do is a lie and every judgement you make is selfishly motivated and contaminated.

May God stress and hassle His remnant into His Kingdom.

Pastor William Terence

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