Sermon 59 – WHICH GOD?

31 Aug

The Humanists and atheists argue that there is no God because no decent god would allow the suffering that happens across the face of the earth. But, that’s the argument of unfairness that originates from Satan’s envious and spiteful thinking. It’s an argument that diverts from the real issue and blames God for all the problems and tells God what He should be doing about it.

Humanists are themselves the lying hypocrites

In all Christian-based nations, religious education and prayers in school have been banned because they argue that people should have the right to their own thinking and not be indoctrinated, and that it’s discrimination for the Christian religion to be taught and other religions to not have the same right. But, at the same time these once Christian governments enforce the religion of humanism and free sexuality on the young formative minds of our youth by threatening to withdraw financial support if the subject of humanism is not taught as a compulsory subject. They argue unfairness but hypocritically openly practice it, arguing that it’s wrong to teach and indoctrinate Christianity but it’s ok to indoctrinate with the religion of humanism.

Their agenda is not fairness and equality. Their agenda is the destruction of the Christian faith because they hate Christ and His rules.

God doesn’t get distracted with their diversion.

God’s argument is … ok, if you think you know everything, go and create LIFE

Man can clone and man can copy but man can’t create something from nothing. If there is a God who has created LIFE, then the same God set down laws for LIFE to enhance and protect life.

The real argument isn’t about the disasters and the unjust suffering; it’s about disobedience and disrespect of the laws set down for LIFE

If you choose to dishonour the Laws of Life then it’s your fault that the world ends up suffering from the laws of death.

If the Law of Life states that divorce is wrong, then you are responsible if you defy that law.

If the Law of Life states that adultery, paedophilia and sex outside the sanctity of marriage is wrong, then don’t blame God for the mess when you’re the one who has contravened the law.

If the Law of Life states that homosexuality is a sin, then you are responsible if you ignore the law and condone the sin.

If the Law of Life states that Sabbath is a day of no work and no merchandising, then you are responsible if you break that law.

If the Law of Life states that you are to respect your parents without mocking them behind their back, then don’t complain if you suffer for defaming or disregarding the opinions and advice of your parents and teachers.

If the Law of Life states that you are to respect your neighbour with the same respect you give yourself, then you are responsible if you envy your neighbour for getting a better deal.

If the Law of Life states that you are not to lie to protect your status in the eyes of others, then you are responsible if you choose to defy that law.

If the Law of Life states that you are to worship no other God but Jesus Christ, then you are responsible if you mock and defy that law.

If the Law of Life states that you are not to make an image to another false god, then you are responsible if you disobey that law and place it in your garden.

The just consequences for disrespecting the Laws of Life are disasters and death

So why blame God when all you have to do is stop your defiance and respect the Laws of Life?

The world knows that if you disobey the Laws of Life you get aides, you get hepatitis and diabetes, and you get sexually transmitted diseases but it still wants to disobey and chance its hand. It doesn’t want to be told what to do and that’s really what’s behind the fairness argument.

The Christian church argues that it’s under grace so it can work out for itself what is right and wrong, but the real truth is it won’t be told it’s wrong. The church has worked out its beliefs based on existentialism and antinomianism. The current modern church is really Laodicea, sweeping millions of unexpecting folk into an eternity without the real God of the Jews.

If you argue … why doesn’t God protect the innocent?

God’s argument is … I left you in charge and all I ask is that you respect my Laws for Life, but you won’t, so why are you blaming Me for your mess? I sent My Son to show you the way and all you did was kill Him. What else do you want from Me? You divert the argument to “it’s unfair”, when the real issue is you don’t want to do what I say, but you still expect Me to act and then blame Me for not acting.

If you say, well they’re doing it so why can’t I, then you’re just jumping on the bandwagon of another argument of unfairness originating from Satan’s spite. God didn’t say if they don’t obey then you don’t have to obey either. All hypocrites blame and point the finger at others for their hypocrisy.

And if you try and keep the laws just so you don’t have any hassles, then that’s just another false deduction based on the expectation of what’s fair for you and telling God how He is to do it.


You can restore the Law of Life by repenting of your sin, but you won’t be able to see that you are the sinner until you stop blaming God for all your hassles and start realising that you are the one responsible for them.

Repentance is really de-elevating yourself and trusting God’s plan instead of fighting for your rights. It’s not putting yourself up above your brother even if your brother puts himself up above you. You can’t repent and stay elevated; it’s a contradiction.

Why should Isaac get the deal? (Genesis 16)

The real argument for the god of Islam over the God of the Jews is based on the envy that Ishmael was rejected by Abraham and made to feel inferior.  The foundation for their religion is envy and bitterness. The Arab’s argument of unfairness is based on the fact that Ishmael was the first born so it’s not fair that he was cast out. But, the real argument is that Hagar puffed herself up by mocking her mistress for being infertile (v.4). The servant forgot her position.

The Arabs are a race who chose to have a mood and chose to be spiteful about the inferior position they believe they were falsely subjected to. Why didn’t they choose to just be thankful that their brother was Isaac, chosen and blessed of God?

Instead, in their spiteful objection to their inferiority, they chose to disrespect the Laws of Life even to the point where they initiated their own bible and set up their own god in defiance of the God of the Jews. Basically, Ishmael hated his father for rejecting him and chose a path of defiance against his father’s God. Ishmael couldn’t see that he and his mother were the problem, he could only see the rejection.

When you step back and look at the Arab race, their decision to defy the god of the Jews has been a disaster. For centuries their standard of living has been poor and even degrading. Their women are bound in burkas, refused education and denied the right to vote. They won’t circumcise their men like the Jews; instead they circumcise their women so they have no pleasure.

Their deep bitterness has only resulted in civil wars and self-destruction .. it’s Arabs killing Arabs, and if America tries to help them out of their mess, they simply hate Americans and unappreciatively tell the US to mind its own business. Underneath all the rhetoric is the fact that they hate the god of the USA because they envy the wealth of the US and hate their own inferiority and use the hypocrisy of America’s promiscuous and humanistic society to incorrectly make judgments about the true God, not because they want to know who is the real God, but because they know and won’t be told otherwise. Their envy confirms they worship a false god.

Human nature doesn’t want to be told what to do; it doesn’t want to be told it’s wrong; so it makes up its own gods to worship in defiance. If you disrespect the Laws of Life, you create the civil war; don’t blame God.

Ishmael vs. Isaac is the same pattern as a fake Laodecian Christian

They envy the better deal of a sibling and set up their own belief system and their own god system but still pretend to be Christian.

Why worship the God of the Jews and not Allah?

  • Jesus Christ is the only God to show Himself on this earth
  • Jesus Christ is the only God that has intervened in man’s history as confirmed by the date system
  • Jesus Christ is the only God who has died for man’s sin and shed His own perfect blood to absolve man from the penalty of hell
  • Jesus Christ is the only God who has risen from the dead under His own power
  • Jesus Christ is the only God who died for you so you can live with Him
  • In every country where Christianity has been preached and accepted those nations have been set free from the bondage of evil and tyranny
  • Every nation that has turned their back against the Laws of God has crumbled back into its evil
  • Contrary to the Arab’s religion, the Christian faith was founded on love, proven by the sacrifice of God’s own Son and Jesus’ love despite being rejected by His own creation

Yet, the Jews themselves can’t see that Jesus Christ is the one true God

Why? They are the legal children of Abraham so no one’s going to tell them what’s right and wrong (John 8:31-59). In their elevated arrogance they refuse to see anything that they can’t analyse and make sense of to their own thinking, and can’t see that the holocaust was the fruit of their own elevated self-righteousness. If you disrespect the Laws of Life, you create the Hitler; don’t blame God.

Don’t be conned by false gods, they’re set up to dissuade you from the right course.

Don’t be put-off by the hypocrisy of the church and the hypocrisy of the nations.

Above all, don’t give yourself the licence to be elevated above your fellowman or the God of Abraham will most likely pass by you.

If the Holy Spirit is stirring your heart, all you have to do is agree and surrender.

Pastor Frank Williams

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