Sermon 17 – There are 2 gods

15 Nov

In Genesis 3:5 Satan offered Eve the opportunity to be a god. What Eve didn’t realise was that it came with a catch … responsibility and fears. When you function under your own authority it always looks like you’re the boss; it looks like you’re the one in control, but the reality is you are burdened with the responsibility of what’s right and what’s wrong, and the fear of that responsibility. Children have a care free life wishing they were adults so they no longer get told what to do. No one likes being told what to do, and that’s the proof of our pride. What children fail to appreciate is the advantage of no responsibility, and what they fail to understand is that an adult has to carry the burden of responsibility and with it the fears of making an error.

Wrong decisions flow from wrong authority

Under your own authority you will never make the right decision. The truth is you can only know what’s right or wrong under the Spirit of God. Under the authority of your own spirit, right might be true but it’s never right. Why? Because ‘right’ is judged by righteous spirit not by truth. The truth might be the truth, but it’s not good unless it’s under the authority of God. Satan himself told the truth in Genesis 3: 4 … ‘you shall not die’, but it was a lie because it wasn’t under God’s authority. Jesus said there’s none good but God; therefore how can you rightly judge ‘good’ except by God’s Spirit through you. That’s why Jesus said you have to become a child to enter heaven ie give up the right of being your own authority, and it’s also why Jesus said to yoke yourself to Him so your burden is lightened; let Him be the authority and carry the responsibility of the decisions.

The carrot of being your own god

Being a god really means I get a higher position; I sit on my own throne. This is the carrot that Satan offers everyone daily, and this is exactly what Jesus came to save us from. It’s not sin that’s the issue; it’s my position, because from my position I sin. The righteous think they’re something they’re not; they’ve elevated themselves above their position. That’s why Jesus is going to save the prostitutes and sinners in preference to the self-righteous … those who diagnose themselves as good. Unfortunately, most of the church won’t get to heaven; not because they’re not nice, but because they’re good in their own authority and ignorantly lie to themselves that God is their god. That’s why God said “if My people will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear their cry, forgive their sins and heal their land,” but the people think they’re good and are blinded by their position from seeing that Australia is dying because of their own sin of envy of position. Position is the worst sin … it’s what Satan started the whole thing against God in the first place, and what he offered to humans to trap them.

It’s insane to hide from your Creator when you’ve done wrong

As soon as Eve and Adam ate the fruit, they hid from God … that is always Satan’s strategy. Instead of lowering their position by repenting of their sin, they used their new found wisdom to lie to God by speaking the truth, just like Satan did to them. Yes, they were naked … that’s the truth, but it wasn’t right because the real truth was they had sinned against God’s clear instructions. When we allow divorce because someone is no longer happy with their spouse, that’s the truth, but it’s not right; it’s against God’s clear instructions. When we allow homosexuality because someone has a love for the same sex and it’s not fair that they shouldn’t have the same rights as us to express their love, that’s the truth, but it’s not right because it’s against God’s clear instructions … Romans 1:26,27. When we allow our children to experiment sexually before marriage because they’re hurting and we don’t want to lose them, so we decide to love them into the kingdom rather than separate from them, that may be the truth but it’s not right because it’s against God’s clear instructions in 1Corinthians 5. The moment we modify God’s clear instructions to pacify our feelings we confirm that we are god.

When you practice being your own god long enough you believe your own truth is right, but there’s a catch … it locks you out of heaven. Be as nice and good as you like, you’ll never access heaven whilst you are your own authority … it’s anti-Christ because it’s origin is the garden of Eden. Being under your own authority puts you under the curse v.15-19.

The god of feminism

Feminism is a Satanic force designed to pull the man down from his rightful authority. Once Eve ate the fruit, women got the gift of controlling men. Once the man surrenders to the charm of a woman he loses his rightful authority as the head of the home and this authority was given to him by God so he could protect his whole family from satanic demolition, provided he never let his god surpass God. This is the true battle of life … never letting you be god. It isn’t sin that blocks you from heaven, sin can be forgiven; it’s position and the defiance of holding that position. If you hold your position and repent, you haven’t repented. That’s why Adam and Eve were removed from the garden … it wasn’t that they had sinned, it was that they didn’t lower their position.

Jesus came to earth in the lowest position and finished His walk on earth in the lowest position. He couldn’t have died for our sin by falling on a sword, or by dying in battle against the Romans, or by being thrown to the lions; that would have elevated Him to martyr status. Instead Jesus chose to die as a criminal on a cross, the lowest of low positions. One thief lowered his position and went to heaven and the other said ‘get me out of here’ and went to hell. They both committed the same sin; they weren’t judged for their sin, they were judged for their position.

The hierarchy exercise

You say to yourself “I’m a humble person” … but that’s because you have diagnosed your own position. Once you position yourself, your logic is automatically illogical even if it’s the truth. Your logic will seem logical to you, but it will be in direct opposition to humility’s logic. Here’s an exercise … list in order of hierarchy your family members, then do your church members, then do your friends, then do your workmates, and see where you place yourself, and tell me if you are envious that you don’t have someone’s higher position, or proud that you have a higher position than someone else. Ask yourself … are you happy that someone else has a better position or a better deal than you, or are you sad? If you can’t see an unhealthy pattern then you are seriously bearing false witness against yourself. Because of the decision made in the Garden of Eden, mankind is inherently susceptible to envy … it says so in James 4:5. There’s only one route of escape … it isn’t being good, it isn’t going to church, it isn’t changing your behaviour, it’s changing your god.

Humility doesn’t position itself

Jesus said sit at the bottom of the table. Most people sit at the sides pretending they are not proud to be at the top but also not wanting to look inferior at the bottom. They convince themselves that middle ground is safe, but that’s their diagnosis, not God’s … He said sit at the bottom. No one can genuinely do this until they give up their god, and until they do it they will never access heaven. You get to heaven through the door of no position, not elevated position. In Luke 14, Jesus said unless you give up everything you cannot be my disciple. He’s not talking about things, He’s talking about position. Jesus told the rich young ruler to give all his money away … he wasn’t telling him that poor people enter the kingdom of heaven, He was challenging the position which money gave him. Humility isn’t changing your behaviour to suit everyone else; it’s being of no value for God’s purposes. If you consider yourself of value, you confirm you are your god. If you consider yourself valueless you confirm you are your god. If God is your value choice when you are tempted to consider you are the value, then you are in the kingdom.

We’re born liars

Everyone lies then blames to protect their position; that’s what Adam and Eve did and that’s what’s inherent in every human spirit, but when you’re your own boss you won’t accept this truth, you’ll manipulate it to suit your god, and be a liar. Why do we automatically lie? Because we are fearful of getting into trouble. And how do you know if you are hiding the truth about the fact that you are lying? Answer … ask yourself how you feel when you are corrected … useless, stupid, unliked, put down, inferior, incompetent, rejected, no good. When you run with any of these emotions you confirm that your god is you. God said no correction, no heaven … Hebrews 12:8.

Emotionally based thinking is pride

Most people react to their emotions and think what’s right based on the justice of their reactions. Humility holds back its emotions and waits on God for His thinking, by asking “Lord what does this feeling mean, or what is happening here, or what are You trying to tell me through my emotions?” Humility doesn’t address its wrong behaviour so it can be re-liked; humility genuinely repents … it owns “I’m wrong” … for having done wrong and thus changes its god back to God. You shouldn’t be addressing your feelings to feel better; you should be addressing your god. When your spirit’s back under God’s authority, He’ll change your behaviour.

The Laodicean church

The modern Laodicean church preaches the message of love and forgiveness, but it doesn’t preach the message of zero position and if it does it doesn’t practice it. The problem is … our society promotes put yourself up, never down, and this worldly blood flows through the church’s veins.

May God wake His remnant to action through the repentance of death to self.

Pastor Michael Andrews

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